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“Sweet Dark Rum is an Erotica so delicious; it left a sticky sweet taste on my literary palate. I became so immersed in the story, I felt as if I was participating in the sensual shenanigans. Sweet Dark Rum will leave you both satiated and thirsty at the same damn time. Yes, please!”
Ebony Farashuu
Author of Erika’s Diary
"Absolutely riveting...If Cheril Clarke never writes another play, (though I hope she writes many more) this one effort will ensure her a place in theater history."
Tobias Grace
Out IN Jersey Magazine
"ASYLUM is fearless. The play is not afraid of its sexuality; not afraid to make bold statements about a male-dominated society in Uganda...not afraid to stand up for what is right. It is honest and earnest. ASYLUM is unapologetic and incredibly human. It is the loud shout of an artist that we need to address a massive injustice happening in our world, in our own time."
Dante Robinson
"It is a piercing story, revealing real-life consequences and survival."
Jayme del Rosario
GO Magazine
"It has been said that the hallmark of a gifted novelist is the ability to take the scandals of everyday life and make them humorous, thought-provoking and an opportunity for introspection. By that standard and several others, author Cheril N. Clarke is just hitting her stride."
Black Gay Gossip
"Clarke can write...Intimate Chaos is an interesting read, with lots of lesbian drama and a story line that keeps you engaged. A great [summer] read!"
Kathy Belge, Lesbian Life Columnist
"Finally! An honest, raw, emotional work that speaks to the heart of women everywhere! The story of Sadira & Jessie is full of complications, twists and turns and reflects the many complexities that make life and relationships exciting and heart-wrenching all at once!"
Lynne Womble
SABLE Magazine
"Intimate Chaos brings us dyke drama in all its glory as it chronicles Sadira and Jessie's roller-coaster relationship. It's chick lit with a twist - plus a bunch of naughty bits to spice up the journey."
Malinda Lo
Curve Magazine
"Clarke explores the turmoil, excitement and challenge of lesbian relationships with complete candor...the depth of her characters and the truth of their stories will keep you turning the pages."
Ari Kristan
Boston Spirit Magazine
"Tainted Destiny travels through the many pathways and blockages associated with obsessive love and culminates in an action-packed, growth-filled conclusion. Anyone who has had any contact with a love obsession will gain real hope from following this exciting adventure into the soul and the self."
Dr. Paul Hannig, Ph.D.
Author of Obsessive Love Disorder: A Profile