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Trip (The Sensual Portal Book 1)

Trip The Sensual Portal Book 1

She’s ready to risk it all for more passion, adventure and liberation in her life.

As a “successful” and “happily married” interior decorator, Trish is desperate to feel a sense of fire and desire again.

She’s got the big house.

She’s got the luxury car.

She’s got the doting husband but…she doesn’t have a sense of freedom or intimate thrill.

She’s trapped in a picture of perfection and is dying inside.

…until she discovers the electrifying world of “Jump,” where psychedelic trips lead to otherworldly adventures and taboo desires. But her secret time travel to other realms risks her life’s stability and could shatter her marriage to pieces.

“Trip” by Cheril N. Clarke is a fantasy time travel book with themes of self-discovery, escapism, and unmet desires.

Additional themes include forbidden love, time travel, rebirth and renewal, second chances and a mature (over 40) female main character.


Trip The Sensual Portal Book 1