• Synopsis:

    Back in the welcoming arms of New York City after a tumultuous relationship, Sadira Cooper is ready to breathe again. It isn’t long before she finds herself entering the dating scene. As she struggles to understand the meaning of true love, Sadira has to confront a past that she’d fought very hard to forget. After a failed first attempt at reigniting an old flame she begins an affair with Olivia, but makes a fatal mistake that gets her trapped in Olivia’s web of destruction. This coupled with the return of her venomously sexy former lover leaves Sadira quickly approaching an unavoidable collision of hearts and shattering of lives.

    Tainted Destiny is a suspenseful romance that paints a vivid picture of turmoil and passion. Sadira experiences every facet of emotion—fear, pain, love, anxiety and utter confusion as she is stretched from one extreme to another in trying to find a balance. Does Sadira have what it takes to survive the obstacles put in her path or is her destiny forever tainted?

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