An LP for Us

An Lp For Us

Like the crackle of a needle hitting the a 45″
Our moments together feel
Even though
They’re happening in the present
Something about you feels familiar
Yet new
It’s pleasant and exhilarating
In the moment…

I feel a slight static
When your skin touches mine
My body feels more alive than it’s been in years
Your touch is sustenance
For a quieted part of starving soul
A part of me that had been tucked away
Trained to behave
Made to be more

But the way your fingertips move so curiously, and eagerly
Traversing my thighs
A flow begins between my legs
Blood rushes to my head
My heartbeat bangs in my chest
That bass
My breathing speeds up
Our own tempo
I remember what being craved feels like when
I hear you sigh so heavily
Wanting me
And I want you more
Because of how visibly you desire me
Being with you is rest for the weary
Daylight after dreary

But our days are always short
Hours always feel like minutes
You’ve got to go
I’ve got to go
We have to become the past
We already are
Despite crossing paths again
In this life
This is a blip
A crossover that happened

As a rare gift from the universe
But it’s not ours to hold onto
We’re not meant for forever…

Best that way probably
Even though it hurts
I cling to our memories the way you clung to me
When you made a temporary home inside me
I clutch the reveries that come to me at their own will
The way you gripped my shoulders
And whispered in my ear
Remember me…remember me…I want you to remember me
A song for when you’re a long way from
That temporary home
In case you never return
Let our time together live on
In the black waters of our minds
The parts where no one else is allowed
Under the surface
Where they’re protected
It was so beautiful to play with you