ILLUSIONS OF LOVE: Two Erotic Vignettes featuring Kenya from Intimate Chaos

  • Synopsis:

    Imagine being able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Imagine living by your own rules, never feeling guilty and never apologizing for what you do. Imagine being so charming and smooth you effortlessly move in and out of your lovers' lives and bank accounts, giving them the illusion of love and stability. Can you imagine, being cunning and charismatic yet cold and calculating?

    Meet Kenya, Clarke's firecracker character from "Intimate Chaos" and the lead in "Illusions of Love: Two Erotic Vignettes." In addition to feverish passages of lesbian sex and seduction, we get to know Kenya for the chilling individual she really is: an emotional parasite with a stunning lack of conscience and voracious appetite for women. Relax, read and revel in this bold new collection of stories from novelist, Cheril N. Clarke.

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