The Edge of Bliss

  • Sneak Peek:

    Chapter 1

    I have this desire inside of me, deep and insatiable. I can feel it pulsing like an unstoppable flood. It’s anchored in my womb, primal and intrinsically tied to my being … suppressed for far too long. From the outside looking in, my life is picturesque – perfect even, to some, but there’s an essential part of me clamoring for freedom. Dying for attention. Grasping for repeated orgasms of cataclysmic proportion. In the midnight of my soul is a labyrinth of licentious thoughts that leads to one man. His name is Michael. It’s been almost three years since I’ve seen him, but later tonight we’re finally going to be alone again. God, how I’ve been waiting for this!

    Michael and I met at a time when my life was much simpler. When I was younger, before scaling the corporate ladder at heel-breaking pace. Before the estate and vacation home, before I’d settled down into restrained comfort and unwitting, self-imprisoning portrayals of perfection. Michael was a fling who was supposed to disappear into the forgotten. But he never did. We never had a traditional relationship and seemingly flowed into each other’s lives only during bad times. It was probably better that way. Michael and I are volcanic.

    “I don’t know what it is about you that’s so intoxicating,” he always says, “I can never get enough.” He freely admits that no matter what we start chatting about inevitably ends up with us being torturously aroused. “You just have this effect on me. Talking to you sends embers of desire rippling under my skin.”