Losing Control

  • Synopsis:

    Young, ambitious and energetic, Brianna Anderson is new to the political scene in crime-infested Rockville, NJ. With an equally talented group of people surrounding her, she embarks on her first campaign - to win a seat on the City Council. Brianna is determined to claim victory over her more experienced and well-connected opponent, Colleen Smith. But Brianna has secrets, and when someone close to her discovers them, loyalty turns into double-dealing and deceit.

    Colleen Smith will do anything to keep her long-held seat on the City Council. She will use every resource she has to derail Brianna, be it ethical or not. Though Colleen finds a way to exploit Brianna's weaknesses, she learns that her tactics may actually prove detrimental to her own campaign.

    As Election Day quickly approaches, passions of the heart battles reasoning of the mind. Brianna struggles to keep a lid on her personal life and must find a way to stay in control, or face losing everything.

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